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new moon in cancer

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

New Moons are the time of rebirth. From the dark/waning moon we experienced a death. Possibly a death to a situation, relationship, toxic pattern or habit that no longer serves you. Maybe you said “yes” to things that don’t light you up anymore. Like staying in a situation that makes you feel stuck and stagnant.

A rebirth is symbolic for new beginnings and fresh starts. This is why I put emphasis on cleansing energetically before any New Moon. Especially in the lunations that you felt a lot was revealed that needs your caring attention.

You might have once again said yes to a specific situation, although your inner guidance whispered don’t. Yet your mind rationalized it. So, you took a leap of faith. You can't a blame a girl for trying? To only then receive the actual lesson. Not exactly what you actually wanted or thought would come of it.

Sometimes we might say “yes” to things we innately know are a “no” because of our disconnect to our own intuition. Experiencing this is an invitation for you to redirect your awareness to this disconnect. Where have you been unfaithful to your inner guidance?

We might say “yes” to things because we innately don’t believe we deserve something better. Let’s not shame ourselves though, there is nothing wrong with making the same “mistake” again. This means that there is opportunity for growth and expansion.

I personally do not believe in regret. Of course given the opportunity I would have done many things in my life differently. Then yet again, I wouldn’t. Regret is stagnant energy that manifests in our body as blocked energy.

Everything we have experienced, from good to bad, is part of our journey. Looking at the “bad” as lessons of growth feels a lot more expansive than feeling regretful.

Be gentle with yourself, dear Soul. Because when you go in circles cycle after cycle, feeling like you can’t break free, maybe shows you that inside of you still hopes that it could work. It would be so nice, if it could, wouldn’t it? It shows that you are a dreamer within, and that is a beautiful thing. However, if you truly tune into your body, how does repeating a similar cycle make you feel?

Your body knows it all. Feels all. Do you listen to her wisdom?

new moon vibes

Once a lunation of 29.5 days, the Sun and the Moon meet in the night sky. This alignment creates for the energetic high tide of the New Moon. On nights of the New and Full Moon the tides are higher than ever. Similar to how our inner tides react. Full of expansion to redirect life to what we desire to manifest and what we desire to drop from our wishlist.

Just like seeds begin to germinate during the moistness of the night. Similar to our own fertile window. The disappearance of the New Moon creates vastness and spaciousness in the Universe for us to plant those seeds of intentions. Only when we truly have space, do we have room to dream, reflect, and dance with our deepest desires.

That is why I invite you to crave that time for yourself on the night of the New Moon. Are you able to make room for yourself? And “just” for you?

new moon in cancer

The New Moon in Cancer is on Saturday, the 10th of July 2021 at 03:16 CET time. The moon will be at 18°01’ in Cancer.

Intentions around our family, home and love life might be coming up for us on a Moon in Cancer. The Cancerian energy desires to lead in the home. Its sensitive interior creates a hard shell to crack from the outside. Once you are in, you are in though. Cancers are big softies being the natural nurturers they are.

The astrological sign of Cancer is the crab. It is ruled by the Moon. A cardinal sign that is under the 4th House representing home, family, parents and private life.

The crab is able to walk on dry land and on the floors of the deep ocean. Being a marine animal it is ruled by the moon like most water creatures. It therefore experiences many high and low tides within its emotional body.

When the crab becomes too big for its shell then it needs to leave its shell behind in order to find a bigger home. Its soft exterior/body is then exposed to the elements, as it transitions from one home to another. This represents the vulnerability this sign embodies.

Likewise we might feel more vulnerable with our emotions. More exposed than usual. However, exposing ourselves with our vulnerability only makes us stronger. I feel like in life we often try very hard to make things seem like they are ok, when they really are not. We put on a brave face, when things are actually falling apart. Is this really necessary? Our vulnerability makes us brave. Our struggles are part of real life.

Where in your life are holding on too tight to these high standards all the time? Of not being vulnerable to others with what you are truly going through.

Every previous sign has laid the foundation for us to move on to the evolved sign next line. Where Gemini was busy sorting out its intellect, Cancer is now more concerned with how it feels. Experiencing deep emotional waves and extremes in our moodiness are often present during the season of the Crab. Allow the waves to crash and simmer - in other words, witness your emotions without judgement, and feel deep into their hidden messages. This New Moon, I invite you to lean into your vulnerability and uncomfortable emotions.

shamanic moon rituals

Give yourself a cleansing bath ritual

Did you know water has the power to absorb all of your thoughts, emotions and energy? If you have not already, watch the movie The Secret Life of Water based on the scientific research of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work. Here is a glimpse of what to expect. We have the power to program the water we drink and come in contact with. And imagine, we are made up of 70% water!

I encourage you to use natural ingredients for your bath to connect with the elements. Use rose petals, sea salt to extract negativity from the body, and almond oil to nourish your skin, which is your largest organ of your body and the most permeable.

As you bathe, visualize your New Moon Intentions and how you are being cleansed from anything that is not in resonance with these intentions you have set for yourself. Listen to calming music while you relax. Here is one of my playlists called calma!

Connect with the color of the ocean

Blue represents our throat chakra. It activates our ability to be more expressive about our feelings, thoughts and emotions. If you are looking to be more vulnerable then connect with this color of waves through sleeping in blue covers and sheets. While we sleep we are more receptive to energy and working with colors is an effective way to activate any of our chakras. Wear the color blue or indigo and allow this magical color to open your throat in ways that you didn’t think possible. The more you practice to voice your opinions, the more you allow others to see you, the more you will see yourself.

Speak your intentions to water

Commune with nature this New Moon and speak your intentions for this lunation to water. May it be a glass of water you program with your own words, emotions and thoughts or that you actually go to a natural body of water such as a lake or river. Allow water to pick up on your desires and cleanse the rest.

Adorn your Moon Altar with Symbolism

As you know, I work very closely with the elements and symbolism. Where I keep all of my spiritual things is my moon altar. Adorn your altar with symbols that represent your intentions that you are calling in. I then use the element of the current moon phase to amplify the energy and make it a magnet to the Universe. Use shells, a glass of water, blue crystals, or other objects that remind you of the element of water. If you are completely new with altars then here is my blog article on how to create a moon altar.

reflection questions

♋︎ Where am I ready to uplevel in my home life?

♋︎ Where can I be more vulnerable with what I am going through?

♋︎ Do I avoid uncomfortable feelings? If so, how? What would help me not to engage in numbing my emotions?

♋︎ How can I let myself lead more from a place of vulnerability and emotional connectedness?

♋︎ What intentions truly excite me and give me hope? Be mindful of what you are thinking while you write down your New Moon intentions. Where you send your energy is everything while intention setting.

do let me know in the comments below - what resonated the most with you?

join us a night before the moon becomes its darkest for a healing moon ceremony. receive an energetic cleanse and release whatever you desire to leave behind this lunar cycle through ritual, intentional being and ceremony.

sending you infinite new moon blessings,

may you feel it all this final week(s) of Cancer season.


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