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The Power of Uniting with Ally.Vision co-founders - episode 59

In this episode, I sit down with the co-founders of Ally.Vision. We speak about:

  • their new online spiritual magazine that is based on uniting various holistic, therapeutic, yogic, shamanic modalities

  • the power of coming together with likeminded people who are on the mission to raise consciousness together

  • how they founded Ally.Vision and their path that led them here.

About the co-founders:

Nicole Ercolani is a trauma therapist, Kundalini Yoga teacher and artist. All her work revolves around integrating old resonances and raising frequencies so that you can unfold as an individual. Bettina Pörtig is a business economist, coach and acupressure therapist. Her passion is analyzing, unblocking and rearranging.

Together they founded, in the spring of 2021, ALLY VISION. ALLY VISION is an online magazine that stands for inspiration and more knowledge in the areas of Well Being, Business and Mystics. The associated subscription area myALLY offers live and on demand video content for physical, psychological and spiritual development. Connect with our guests and their work:

Check out Ally.Vision:

Connect with them on Instagram:

Their YouTube Channel with free videos:

Check out their membership: and receive a 7 day trial!


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