the true meaning of halloween

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

samhain is what we traditionally know as halloween. 

formerly samhain marked the beginning of a new wheel of the year known in wicca traditions. similar to what we know today as the new year. samhain means "summers end" and represents the ending of the light season and the beginning of the dark season. 

it is a powerful time to do ritual and set intentions. certain times throughout the year, i.e. autumnal equinox, samhain, help anchor in our energies during those transition in frequencies between seasons. it helps us bring our awareness to reflect, give thanks for what we are receiving and what we have lost or transformed during these times. it can help to release energies in order to create for equilibrium in our energies. 

many traditions in halloween was derived from samhain. it was a time to honor those who came before us, as the it was known that the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. this is true meaning of halloween which nowadays has been commercialized into candy, costumes and parties.

this is a point in time to reflect on what we have received this past year, which we give thanks for. we reflect on what we lost, especially loved ones who have become ancestors. 

the connection to the dead is almost non-existent in western cultures. however, our ancestors, spirit guides and angels are willing to communicate with us all time. you have a team of spirit guides out there cheering you on willing to share their wisdom with you from the past, their mistakes, learnings and ancient teachings. 

connect with them, call in those good-willed spirits on a night like samhain to initiate a relationship. on samhain the in-between worlds of the living and dead is more accessible than usual. 

this is why on a night like samhain, i invite you to create ritual and honor your ancestors.

how to create ritual

  • create an altar for your ancestors (learn more here on altars) 

  • call upon any good-willed spirits. speak to them and share your intentions or questions

  • place any photos of the ancestors you would like to connect with (optional) 

  • place items of the season to bring in the current collective energy (pumpkins, leaves) 

  • place an offering for your ancestors - it could be water, food, flowers, etc. 

  • create a list of your what you are grateful for 

  • create a list of your desires to create powerful intention on this day in regards to a new wheel of year or your ancestors

  • burn essence at your altar to honor our ancestors presence

  • create a card spread with your oracle/tarot cards to receive clear answers

on halloween this year, i will be hosting a workshop called Autumn Moon Woman with Stephanie Engeli, feminine embodiment mentor.

join us, connect with this season of transition and your own feminine energies - very limited spots left. safety measures will be enforced. in any case the workshop will be held online. learn more on the workshop here.

p.s. for those who are interested in all things rituals and would like to connect with their inner wisdom, my 1:1 sessions are for you.

Photos by Neli