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The True Meaning of Halloween

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Halloween is nowadays a commercialized event that happens on the night of the 31st October. We dress up, wear masks and trick-or-treat. Yet there is a deeper meaning behind this fun and gruelsome holiday.

halloween samhain
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Many traditions in Halloween, originally known as Hallomas, derived from Samhain. It was a time to honor those who came before us, as the it was known that the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. This is true meaning of Halloween which nowadays has been commercialized into candy, costumes and parties.

Samhain marks the beginning of the cycle in the Wheel of the Year. It is also referred to as the Witches' New Year and the official end of the season of light and the beginning of the season of darkness.

The connection to the dead is almost non-existent in western cultures. A fear of death and an irrational fear of darkness has been bestowed on us since generations. However, these darker seasons are here to restore our energy and regenerate nature. Connect with your ancestors on Samhain, call in those good-willed spirits. We are the latest versions of our ancestry and are possibly living lives that they could have never imagined. Honor those who came before you, recent or long passed.

Honor the ancestors by:
  • create an altar for your ancestors (learn more here on altars) 

  • call upon any good-willed spirits. speak to them and share your intentions or questions

  • place any photos of the ancestors you would like to connect with

  • place items of the season to bring in the current collective energy (pumpkins, leaves) 

  • place an offering for your ancestors - it could be water, food, flowers, etc.

  • make an ancestral meal that either comes from your ancestry or has sentimental value in your family

  • make the favorite meal or food of the ancestor you are honoring

  • create a list of your what you are grateful for 

  • create a list of your desires to create powerful intention on this day in regards to a new wheel of year or your ancestors

  • burn essence at your altar to honor our ancestors presence

  • create a card spread with your oracle/tarot cards to receive clear answers

  • learn the stories of your people

  • explore the traditions of your people

  • take a DNA test and find out your heritage

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About the writer

Inés Kelly is a trauma-informed space holder and integral guide in Human Design and astrology. Her multi-cultural background has gifted her with the insight of various rituals and traditions. Bringing the ancestral and the honoring of the natural cycles to the community is a deep value she holds.


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