white moon vs. red moon cycle

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

back in the olden day, when women didn't have artificial lighting and had more access to the moonlight, it was known that most women would cycle on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon.

the new moon represents our menstruation. it is a time of seclusion, of honoring ourselves and setting our intentions for the begin of the new cycle.

whereas the full moon is a time to show what we've been working on and we are inclined to be more outgoing and social, as in our fertile days we naturally tend to be.

the white moon is in other words the new moon phase. women who bleed on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon are known to have a white moon cycle. this was the common cycle (back in the olden days). it was known that women who cycle on the white moon are the born nurturers and are ready to become mothers. the focus here is more on others. they are highly fertile women, even if it means having idea-babies or maybe they are known as the mothers in their social setting. this was the most popular cycle, back then as men wanted us to be more tamed in the way of us being domesticated.

the red moon is the cycle when women bleed on the full moon and ovulate on the new moon. it was known that women who bleed on the full moon were to be enchantresses and highly sensual as well as seductive. these women were intimidating to say the least and eventually were seen as witches, instead of the highly intuitive and powerful women they were. these women tend to be more purpose/passion-driven. they are the wise women, the medicine women and are here to empower others. possibly, they have reached a highly sexual period of their lives which needs to be explored.

there are of course women who cycle in between the new moon and full moon and vice-versa, who also inherited their own spiritual meaning. i will save this information for another post.

honor your cycle, no matter when you bleed/ovulate.

when do you bleed? around the new moon or full moon? or somewhere in between? i would be so curious to hear from you.

much love to you,

inés kelly

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