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Why Women are Lunar Beings

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Women are lunar beings. Men Solar. The menstrual cycle resembles the journey of the moon phases and the seasons. Women are a reflection of nature and through the menstrual cycle we can connect with that symbolic truth.

Just like the Moon

Just like the moon ebbs and flows throughout 4 main phases of approximately 29 days, so does the woman.

Just like the moon rules over the element of water. As the moon represents emotions, so does water. So do our inner tides rise, and lower, each month.

Just like the moon goes completely dark once a month, so do we as women also go through a death of the Self, while we shed no longer is ours, to give ourselves the update and renewal we need in order to spiral further.

As our path is the one of the spiral, not linear as we were brought to believe.

Our masculine counterparts go by the cycle of the Sun. His energy spikes in the morning and lowers at night. Within 24 hours he can feel fully renewed.

Their feminine counterparts are more lunar in nature. We ebb and flow, like the primordial oceanic consciousness from where we originally came from. From water came creation. Our inner tides are also capable of that creative energy.

Our energy peaks at around ovulation, and then descends again until finding its lowest point at menstruation. Similar to the moon, we see a peak on the Full Moon, when she is fully illuminated, until she sheds all her light on the Dark Moon or New Moon.

Like the moon, we go through a shedding process of our inner womb lining, and anything else energetically we are ready to release with our inner waters.

Women carry the codes of the moon within their vessels. The menstrual cycle is one way to connect with this symbolic truth.

Feminine energy

It is not my aim to put the feminine essence on a pedestal. However, to contribute to a balance of overly masculine structures we have based our life and society on through the patriarchy.

We essentially need both energies to find equilibrium. Just like us women have a womb, so do men have an energetic womb called Hara - their center of creation.

My intention is to connect you to the lunar energies in order for you to connect with the universal energies at large and with your individual energies as a Moon Woman. Both the macro and micro go hand in hand.

Mujer Luna, the course

In my initiation into your sacredness, you will learn what it means to be Moon Woman. How you can awaken your visceral messages to your somatic experience and really tune into where you are currently. Instead of believing your cycle should fit into a box which again makes it a masculine practice when we do so.

Connect with your intuition, with the lunar energies and your body, menstrual cycle through discovering the Moon Woman you innately are.

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About the writer

Inés Kelly is a mentor, astrologer and space holder. Since 2019 she has been writing about the moon, the seasons and astrology.

Building community has facilitated healing in her life and in the life of others. She believes that is where the inner work happens.

Bringing ancient principles and weaving them into modern day life, she is rewriting the way we relate to one another through ceremony, ritual and coming back to nature.


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