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A Path of Self Discovery with Kelly Roland - episode 54

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Roughly 3 years ago I was introduced to Kelly Roland's work by a friend. This was the first time I heard of Human Design. I had no idea what that meant, even when looking up my own bodygraph, it made little to no sense. I was intrigued and soon booked a reading with her.

This reading was a catalyst on my entrepreneurial journey that gave me practical tools according to my energy type. Understanding how my own energy works, how it desires to communicate with the world around it, were vital parts of the puzzle pieces for my own path.

Now having been in Kelly's Temple of Honey group this past summer, once again, another catalyst into a deeper version of myself. Needless to say a powerful exerpience of seeing Kelly not only talk the talk but witness her LIVE in the feminine in such a fluid and natural way.

In this episode, we speak about:
  • how she was initiated into the world of Mayan astrology and Human Design

  • life as a Generator

  • the visceral reaction of our sacral (gut-intuitive response)

  • how you know you are degenerating energy as a Generator

  • how to know your true path

  • how life is really about the moment and what is true now

  • how intuition led her life even before she knew what intuition was

  • her unconventional path of traveling since the age of 17 instead of going to college

  • how I responded with my Sacral which led me to my current path

  • her favorite ritual.

embodiment feminine astrology

About our podcast guest

As an intuitive guide, she supports women to free the shakti within them, and through all arenas of their lives. She is a fiery-spirited, big-hearted, deep-diver... a world-bridger between the ancestral and the modern. She has devoted nearly half of her life to the path of esoterics, spirituality, embodiment, higher-learnings, and studying various tools and systems of remembrance. Her Shakti tool box includes (but is certainly not limited to!) Mayan Astrology, Human Design, Traditional Astrology, Embodiment & Dance, Bodywork, and Archetypes.

Connect with our guest and her work

Receive access to her 2-hour Feminine Archetypes and Embodiment Masterclass amongst many other online workshops in La Luna Circle


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