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current updates: my inner dark moon phase - episode 57

We all move through inner dark moon phases in life. I share more about my most recent experience with moving through an inner dark moon phase. This is a personal update on what I went through and how I allowed myself to dwell in this space until my energies were renewed. My Pluto Scorpio conjuncted Sun and Mercury very much at play here.

In this episode, I speak about:

  • the inner dark moon phase I moved through in life and business

  • that there is a time for everything, a phase for everything

  • that not every phase is easy to be in

  • a part of my journey this past winter

  • how now I can speak about my experience with more perspective now having moved fully through it.

You might also be interested in my podcast episode #58 about the Dark Moon Phase of Life we move through in life. Find here:

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Inés Kelly is an astrologist, human design reader and ceremonialist. You can find her Moon Musings every New Moon and Full Moon on her blog and on Ally.Vision and By Adushka.

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