Full Moon in Pisces

Sensitive Pisces, discerning Virgo: This Full Moon, it all feels more intense, sensitive and vulnerable than other Full Moons. Let’s explore the energetics of the Full Moon in Pisces and how our spiritual practices can give us the grounding we need during this time.

full moon pisces

The Full Moon

Every lunar cycle, the Moon begins with her energy at its lowest point until it begins to rise. We began the lunar cycle two weeks ago on the New Moon in Virgo, where we asked ourselves: What healthy and empowering routines do we desire to cultivate?

Now, two weeks into the lunar cycle, we have reached the peak: the Full Moon. Now in the middle of the lunar cycle, it is now on the polar-opposite end energetically as well as geographically.

With her light fully illuminated, it makes it hard to ignore. Her bright light shining down on us is reflecting its light onto the lessons we need to learn during this time. What is there to let go of?

The Full Moon can feel turbulent, until we understand her energetics and especially embrace the beauty of what she has to offer to us. Which is the journey of growth and transformation. Especially this Full Moon there is a great potential for exactly that. Read to learn how.

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