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Full Moon in Pisces

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Sensitive Pisces, discerning Virgo: This Full Moon, it all feels more intense, sensitive and vulnerable than other Full Moons. Let’s explore the energetics of the Full Moon in Pisces and how our spiritual practices can give us the grounding we need during this time.

full moon pisces

The Full Moon

Every lunar cycle, the Moon begins with her energy at its lowest point until it begins to rise. We began the lunar cycle two weeks ago on the New Moon in Virgo, where we asked ourselves: What healthy and empowering routines do we desire to cultivate?

Now, two weeks into the lunar cycle, we have reached the peak: the Full Moon. Now in the middle of the lunar cycle, it is now on the polar-opposite end energetically as well as geographically.

With her light fully illuminated, it makes it hard to ignore. Her bright light shining down on us is reflecting its light onto the lessons we need to learn during this time. What is there to let go of?

The Full Moon can feel turbulent, until we understand her energetics and especially embrace the beauty of what she has to offer to us. Which is the journey of growth and transformation. Especially this Full Moon there is a great potential for exactly that. Read to learn how.

Sun in Virgo

Without the Sun, there would be no Moon phases being reflected back to us. Which is why during a Full Moon, the Sun is just as important.

We are always working with two energies on every Full Moon: the one of the Sun and the one of the Moon. They are facing each other, right across from one another in exactly 180 degrees apart on a Full Moon night.

Currently, the Sun is in the dutiful, devoted and healing Virgo energy. On the surface, Virgo might seem overly critical and too much in their head. Yet it is done in the energy of devotion to the purest and highest energy it can reach.

Virgo reminds us of the highest purpose one can have: of being in service to others.

It believes that in order to spread healing in the world, it has to continuously purify its own energy into perfection. How can we release the illusion of perfection and just begin somewhere? Instead of believing we have to figure it all out now before we can actually begin with a new routine, project or habit.

Virgo is from the Earthly realms of healing and being in service in a practical way. It is also a mutable sign, and here to transition us into the season of autumn. Giving us her structural mind to build a new routine after the free summer days.

Every Full Moon, we have the possibility to steer towards the highest expression of each of the signs we are currently working with. With Virgo, the low expression would be to seek perfection in all things, having it be too discerning and critical. Yet her high expression is when she can use her discernment as a way to balance her counterpart of Pisces who has little boundaries and can learn from its polar-opposite Sister.

Full Moon in Pisces

This Full Moon, being in a water-sign, everything is felt more intensely than usual. It heightens our sensitivity, emotions and intuition stronger than usual. This is the superpower of the element of water.

However, its downfall is when it does not know how to navigate this superpower of theirs, and everything becomes too overwhelming. They begin to escape, shut down and find ways to numb their sensitivity in order to not feel so overstimulated.

Pisces is boundless in energy, meaning it merges with all. It sees no boundary between itself and others, making it naturally compassionate and empathetic. This lack of boundaries however can cause Pisces to want to retreat into the world of daydreaming and imagination.

Their imagination is one of their most powerful tools. However only powerful when used for visualization purposes instead of used as a distraction. This combination of Virgo and Pisces will help to bring what you are imagining into reality. Instead of it remaining in the world of daydreams and ideas. How can we materialize our intentions with practical steps and tools?


Having Uranus sextile the Moon is giving us the opportunity to break free from old emotional patterns. Uranus likes to shake up the old and create the new. Uranus is one of the 5 planets currently in retrograde, which is giving us the opportunity to revisit what we are ready to shake up in our lives.

Also the Asteroid Goddess, Pallas Athene, is conjuncted the Moon. Meaning the mental-creative energy will merge with emotions, giving us a clear perception of the world of feelings. Within this energy lies the access to not only feeling your emotions and intuition, but being able to express it clearly and strongly. The need to defend minority groups might also be experienced within this energy.

However in opposition to the Sun, this could make one feel blocked and lack trust in one’s own power and ability.

With Mercury being in retrograde as from the 9th of September until the 2nd of October, be patient with all forms of communication. Being in Libra, it will want us to prioritize harmonious communication in our relationships. Put important conversations on hold until after the tricky energies of Mercury are no longer in retrograde.

Shamanic Moon Ritual

This Full Moon, spiritual practices are especially relevant. There is so much potential for healing to happen on a Full Moon in Pisces. Remain centered with your favorite spiritual practice, may it be yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, etc.

Be devoted to your spiritual practice and let it be your anchor during this emotionally turbulent time.

I recommend getting your artistic juices flowing this Full Moon. Do your chosen spiritual practice of the moment and afterwards get a piece of paper, a cup of water and watercolors.

Whisper your intentions into the cup of what you desire to heal this Full Moon and begin to paint your vision. A portrait of yourself in your highest expression, embodying your new routine possibly, or whatever your New Moon intention was two weeks ago.

Hang this portrait of yourself somewhere you will be reminded of this version of yourself knowing you painted this into reality.

Reflection Questions

  • What was triggering for you this past week leading up to the Full Moon?

  • What blocks did you feel in regards to your New Moon intentions?

  • What spiritual practices are you most drawn to at the moment?

  • What unhealthy habit are you ready to let go of?

  • What illusions are blocking you from taking action?

  • How can you materialize your intentions with practical steps and tools?

  • What clarity did you receive around your emotions this Full Moon?

La Luna Circle

Join the tribe! We are a group of women who come together every New Moon online to set our intentions and again, every Full Moon to heal as a collective.

In the Women's Circle, we remember who we innately are. We come back to ourselves in a deeper way. This is the power of the Women's Circle.


About the writer

Inés Kelly, shamanic healer, astrologer and Human Design reader has been musing about the moon since 2018.

Lover of all things cycles: moon, menstrual, seasons, astrology, ritual.

Anything cyclical that allows ourselves to flow at our own pace and time is medicine to me.

This is why she created an online space for women to gather, dance, flow, be with the moon, one another and themselves.


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