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honoring transitions

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

When our spirit is traveling from one phase to another we might feel pressure, tension, resistance, confusion, anger, fear, amongst other emotions.

It is believed that due to the lack of ceremony and honoring of rites of passages do we struggle with transition and change.

We are unaware of the life lessons that are intertwined in transitions and misunderstand the journey. The symbols, signs, and synchronicities we receive go unnoticed. The dreams at night brushed off, forgotten and not treasured. Oftentimes the focus is too much on the destination without realizing the vital puzzle pieces that first need to come together, before that destination. First the shedding of your past version before you are reborn again.

The deeper learnings and integration are found within the midst of it all - the chaos, the tears, the un-doing, the un-learning, the acceptance of who we were, and are, and where we are now. Understanding it is all temporary.

Having a gathering within the tribe to celebrate the arrival of the menarche or the transition into adulthood gave the experience a safe space to leave the old behind and step into the new.

Every transition begins with the death of the old and ends with the birth of the new.

This means letting go of the control and outcome.

As with every transition - it is a bridge between the worlds. One that our Soul must first travel.

As with every transition - there is a moment when we don’t know where the road is taking us.

Having someone there to guide us there that gives us room for our emotions (ALL of our emotions).

Having someone reminding us that this journey is about the ride, not about the destination.

Having someone there to guide us through the dark when we are fearful of what lies on the other side.

Many of us did not receive this guidance when we entered menarche.

And still do not have this support in many other transitions we experience in life.

Transitions are to be honored.

Rites of passages are sacred.

I am looking forward to Mujer Luna next week when we can go through a re-initiation into what it means for you to be a sacred woman in this day in age.

Weaving in the ancient, combined with the new age, my heart glows with anticipation to what journey lays ahead.

If you feel the calling, join our online sacred space. We begin on the New Moon in Taurus.

A time to connect with our physicality. Such a treasured support for you reconnect with your menstrual cycle, your body, your sacredness and awaken all of your senses to what is waiting inside.

Originally, both young women and men would go through rites of passages when they reached a certain age of adolescence.

For boys they would journey alone into the wilderness. The journey quest of the Hero. What were they here for? What did our Great Mother Nature want to share with them? What skills, lessons, learnings, visions would they receive while on the journey?

For girls this journey begins at the arrival of their menarche. This journey was one that would lead her within. Around her first bleeding she would receive visions or a prophetic dream revealing to her indicators of what she was brought to this physical manifestation for.

Due to the psychic and intuitive women that are heightened around menstruation, dream interpretation was very important for women. Their dreams have a prophetic quality to them, visions received for themselves and the collective.


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