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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

On Monday, 16 May 2022 at 6:13 am, we will experience a Lunar Eclipse in 25° Scorpio. In the midst of Taurus season, a time to connect with our physical body, we are now being called forth to connect with our emotional one. This lunation is about the communication between the physical and emotional world.

total lunar eclipse in scorpio 2022

Full Moon

The Full Moon brings light to exactly what we need to see and what we are ready to see. During this time, we become clear on patterns and clear them from our physical body and home.

Time to course correct - What are we ready to let go of, release and heal in order to move forward? Do we choose healing or do we choose to repeat the same patterns for them to resurface next Full Moon again?

Eclipse season

This Lunar Eclipse is one of seven Eclipses happening in this combination of Taurus and Scorpio. Expect this combination to continuously pop up until October 2023.

On a Lunar Eclipse, we see the shadow of the Earth on the Moon. It is not a time to create ritual or manifest due to the chaotic shadow energy. It is a time to be present and observe what desires to be transformed. Eclipses bring in radical change and transformation. Something that would have taken months for it to clear and heal is brought drastically to the surface to be witnessed, recognized and thus integrated into our being.

The Eclipse season is marked by the lunar nodes being no further away than 17° from the sun. The Lunar nodes are energetic vortices that show where we are heading karmically as an individual in this lifetime and as a society. It is attached with lessons we undergo. About twice a year we enter a season of 2-3 eclipses.

This lunar event is asking you to reconnect in a deeper way. It is about giving gratitude about the lessons that came through and implementing this new found awareness into your life.

Taurus versus Scorpio

Where Taurus desires to feel through her senses, the pleasures of aesthetics and tangible beauty, Scorpio craves the intangible, the unknown and emotional depth.

Any lunation in the sign of Scorpio will be a highly transformative journey. Adding an Eclipse will create radical breakthroughs and change. New insights can suddenly come tumbling in during a Lunar Eclipse. Our emotions are on the surface wanting to be validated. Psychological breakthroughs can occur on a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, as she is governed by the energies of rebirth.

Every sign consists of a high and low expression. With Taurus, the low expression is when they put their sense of security and safety in the hands of how much they have and own. Whereas Scorpio’s low expression is when they are disconnected from their emotional intensity. They have little awareness of how their denied emotional world is being projected and forming the world around them.

We look at low expressions during Full Moons and Lunar Eclipses, as it gives us a great opportunity to do shadow work and integrate what has once been denied.

South Node

Understanding where your South Node is can give you further insights in what you are currently working on in this Lunar Eclipse. Your South Node placement represents past life themes and what you know you bring into this lifetime. These are aspects that you are familiar with and are intended to steer away from.

Your North Node shows what direction you are heading in and what your Soul is here to strive for in this incarnation. The astrological signs how they desire to be expressed and the house within it is the main theme that is being lived out. Where is your South Node? Under which sign and house? Look at your South Node Scopes to learn a bit more.

Not sure how to look up your South Node? Read this article.

South Node Housescopes

1st House or Aries South Node: You came here to learn how to cultivate connection with others. You are meant to be in relationships professionally and otherwise. How can you engage in deeper connections around you and steer away from the mentality that you have to do it all on your own?

2nd House or Taurus South Node: You are here to transform and transform again. Life is calling you to dig deeper and show up for the inner work that keeps showing up on your path. Create emotional security from within. Know and understand that nothing outside of you will ever give you the stability you crave. It is all within.

3rd House or Gemini South Node: Dissolve the illusion of needing to have all the information. You have all you need to know. How can you believe that the Universe will provide you with what you need to know otherwise? You are here to journey afar, learn new philosophies, and discover what is the meaning of life. What gives you purpose?

4th House or Cancer South Node: You know the safety of home and family. You are here to experience complete independence from family and home life. Professional success is inevitable on your journey. Allow this to happen for you. What work craves to be expressed by you?

5th House or Leo South Node: Your Soul knows creativity and self-expression. Having to prove yourself in the past, you are being asked to step up to something bigger. Your vision is expansive and is meant to reach a larger scale. What positive change do you desire to contribute to humanity?

6th House or Virgo South Node: You know perfection and structure. In the past you have mastered it. Now you are here to stop the overthinking. What if you are not in control of everything? What if you just surrender and trust the Universe? You are here to dissolve your past beliefs, live in the moment, and find a spiritual practice that nourishes you.

7th House or Libra South Node: This lifetime is about cultivating a stronger sense of self. Who are you and who did you come here to be? How can you cultivate stronger self-love, purpose, determination and truly discover who you really are? The focus is on you.

8th House or Scorpio South Node: You are here to experience wealth, beauty and let go of limiting beliefs. No need to keep fixing yourself, you are whole the way you are. How can you enjoy the pleasures of life more? How can you cultivate material security for yourself?

9th House or Sagittarius South Node: Your Soul traveled far and it feels safe to wander the world in the name of truth. You feel at home and free when you are boundless and free. All the wisdom your Soul contains is now meant to be passed on. For that you need to stay in one place for a while to do so. You know enough, now be the natural teacher you came here to be and share the information you have at heart.

10th House or Capricorn South Node: Your Soul knows the professional world and experienced the drive to achieve. Release the need to prove your worth through your ambitions and professional life. How can you nourish your home life? Cultivate a home life that is filled with people who do you good.

11th House or Aquarius South Node: You are here to find your self-expression and live your creativity. Your Soul feels the duty to serve at a larger scale. Yet how can you let that go and know that your biggest gift to the world is the one of sharing your creative self?

12th House or Pisces South Node: Your natural state is the one of compassion, hope and trust. You have cultivated a strong connection with the Universe. Work on becoming more structured, planned and analytical. This is what your Soul signed up for: to put that brilliant mind at work. Give it a problem to solve.

Shamanic Moon Ritual

Every Full Moon, we are being invited into awareness of our own shadows. Shadows are triggers, uncomfortable emotions, repetitive toxic behavior and the things we reject about ourselves.

In shamanic cultures, just like in astrology, we believe that everything has two sides to it: the light and dark. They coexist only together. It is important to understand our shadows to fully acknowledge the complexity and fullness of our being. We are here to be versatile, messy, and have a human experience on all levels. It is not about keeping it together and trying to make things look picture perfect. How can we embrace all of our emotions? Ultimately making them our most powerful allies.

Shadow work is about pinpointing what triggers and upsets you. These reveal deeper aspects of yourself.

Our Practice

I invite you to observe yourself and your reactions from a bird’s eye view, as if you are observing someone else. Keep a neutral mind and be the observer without judgment. Take note of what comes up for you during this time. We will dig a little deeper below. Here is a guideline in which you can do so.

Step one: Reflect

Take your journal and let’s dive into our shadow work ritual for this Lunar Eclipse.

  1. What triggers, emotional upsets, uncomfortable feelings did you experience leading up to the Lunar Eclipse?

  1. Did you have a strong reaction to a behavior or situation? Why?

  1. What are parts of yourself that you like to keep in the shadows or hidden from others?

  1. Where do you think these shadows stem from?

Step two: Awareness

Now having shed light onto your shadows, you are releasing the shame, guilt or any other associated feelings you might have around them. Gaining awareness is always the first step. The next is continuously observing your shadows, reactions, and triggers.

By shedding light, and not shying away from confronting these rejected parts of yourself, you are integrating them back into wholeness. You are calling your power back in.

Step three: Integration

The final step of shadow work is integration. Through awareness and ownership, you are integrating your shadows into the light. Give yourself time, space to fully heal and understand the vulnerability these shadows hold. Know that shadows do not always fully leave, but rather we learn how to live with them by choosing to act differently in situations that once made us feel uneasy and disheartened.

You can also seek out a healer, mentor or therapist you would like to continue this work with. If you are interested, I also offer 1:1 healing sessions and group healing in my moon circles.

I hope you enjoyed this article. May it be a healing lunar event for you that brings in exactly the change your Soul is ready to experience.

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Join our Luna Circle

Let’s gather this Lunar Eclipse! My online tribe, La Luna Circle, comes together every New Moon and Full Moon to learn more about the moon, basic astrology and create magick, ritual and tune within.

Have a blessed Lunar Eclipse! All my love, Inés Kelly


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