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How to look up your South Node

In relation to my latest Moon article on the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, I have received the question: How to look up my South Node? I thought I would add a short description for those who asked.

I prefer using or AstroWorx (an app you pay a one-time fee), as both save the charts you look up on your account. So, you don't need to always type in your birth details every time.

How to

1. Create a free account at to look up your natal chart. Like this your natal chart will be stored to look up any time.

2. Look up your natal chart.

3. Choose "Extended Chart Selection"

4. Make sure to add the True Node and Descending Node under "Display and Calculation Option".

5. Finally, click on "Click here to show chart".

6. Look for your North Node (might also be described as True Node) symbol: ☊

7. On the opposite side of the North Node, you will find your South Node symbol: ☋

8. Notice the House number (located in the middle) and astrological sign (see list below) it's in and then read below your South Node Scope.

My Natal Chart as an example

My Lunar Nodes are on Cusps meaning in the last degrees before shifting to the neighboring sign. If you are unfamiliar with the astrological signs, scroll below to see a list with all 12 signs and their symbols.

My Lunar Nodes

South Node ☋: Virgo ♍︎ in the 9th House

North Node ☊: Pisces ♓︎ in the 4th House

Astrology Symbols

♈︎ Aries

♉︎ Taurus

♊︎ Gemini

♋︎ Cancer

♌︎ Leo

♍︎ Virgo

♎︎ Libra

♏︎ Scorpio

♐︎ Sagittarius

♑︎ Capricorn

♒︎ Aquarius

♓︎ Pisces

South Node Scopes

Now that you have located your South Node, the house and sign it's in, take a look at your South Node Scope and see what resonates the most with you.

When it comes to the Lunar Nodes, first look up the house, and then secondly the sign. The sign gives it a second layer to work with. The house is in which area of your life is being effected and the sign is the way it desires to be expressed.

Join our Luna Circle

Let’s gather this Lunar Eclipse! My online tribe, La Luna Circle, comes together every New Moon and Full Moon to learn more about the moon, basic astrology and create magick, ritual and tune within. Learn more about La Luna Circle here.

Have a blessed Lunar Eclipse!

All my love,

Inés Kelly


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