New Moon in Cancer

The void of the Moon is felt deep in our subconscious. Her disappearance from the visible eye brings wide space to paint on an empty canvas a new picture. What you paint is entirely up to you. Important is to do so with full trust, attuned to your emotions and in the comfort of your home or surrounded by your family on this New Moon in Cancer.

new moon cancer

Cancer, the Nurturing Mother

With the beginning of Cancer season, we shift from the mental stimulation of Gemini and drop deep into our body, emotions and inner waters. We solidified connections and gained much needed information during Gemini season. Now we are being invited to go deeper.

Cancer represented by the symbol of the crab is the protectress of the home and family. Attached to their home and the safety it provides, Cancer is a natural at caring and nurturing others. Often found in caring professions. Their appearances can hold a moon-like round face similar to that of their ruling planet, the moon. They might get puffiness or even have stomach issues due to their sensitivity.

Their emotions ebb and flow like the tides and the moon. Making them highly intuitive, instinctive and empathic. Connected with the Mother Archetype, we can continue our healing of the Mother wound from the Summer Solstice now throughout the season of Cancer. It is a good time to check within and ask ourselves: What is my relationship to my inner Mother?

Every woman passes the threshold, leaving the curious Maiden who was on the path of self-discovery and evolves into the expansive energies of the Mother. No matter, if you become a physical mother, a mother to birthing a book into the world or another creative project, you eventually grow into the version of yourself that knows what is needed for healing and growth. Your energy naturally nourishes, enriches and heals others.