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solar eclipse in sagittarius + journey - episode 55 + 56

On the 4th of December 2021, we had a Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius. This episode is an excerpt of our online La Luna Circle gathering, which is why it's not your typical episode, but the content is just as relevant for the current lunar energies. There is always a pre-/post-shadow period of a major lunar/astrological event, so the energy is still present, and ripe to go within, and reflect like a New Moon asks us to do.

In episdoe 55, I share about the current lunar energies and in episode 56, connect with your inner world and see what your spirit guides have to share with you in a short guided inner journey. I recommend to first listen to the current lunar updates and then going on the inner journey after.

In this episode, I share about:
  • how the New Moon energies can effect us and our body

  • the Solar Eclipse energy

  • how a New Moon in Sagittarius can bring up questions around our purpose

  • how to connect with your purpose even if you don't know what it is yet

  • my personal practice of connecting with my purpose

  • and the inner journey can be found on episode 56 that goes along with the lunar updates of episode 55.

About your podcast host

Inés Kelly is a shamanic healer, ceremonialist, moon astrologist and human design reader. You can find her Moon Musings every New Moon and Full Moon on her blog and on Ally.Vision and By Adushka.

Connect with Inés further + Resources

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Sag season - a season of purpose

We have a Masterclass on How to Find your Purpose with Hypnotherapist, Rahel Papis on Wednesday, the 15th of December 2021 at 18:00 CET.


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