Super Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon, the moon phase for abundance, celebration and inner healing. To name a few of the energies that are connected to one of the most potent lunar phases. Known as the peak of the cycle - an energy you feel one way or the other. Especially when it is a Super Full Moon like on Tuesday, 14 June 2022.

full moon sagittarius

During the peak of energy is when the breakthroughs, revelations and realizations come through - when we realize what we have been working on or how we have been living is no longer in alignment. We let go to create space for the new. This is the Full Moon energy at its most enlightened.

Yet there is always another side to the coin - the one of overwhelm, tension, grief and frustration. At times we need to grieve past versions of ourselves in order to let go and step into our fullest expression and power.

Whatever is your reality, this Full Moon, let it exist, observe it, unattach from a specific outcome or desire. This is what is needed to be felt for the next phase to come.


With the Sun in the talkative, witty and facts-orientated, Gemini, the moon has now journeyed to the adventurous, big-dreaming, Sagittarius. Out of all opposing signs, they are probably the most similar. In their core, they both crave wisdom, knowledge, the truth, and are passionate at getting this information across.

Both are known as mutable signs, meaning they help us transition into new energies into a more fixed energy of a season. This time we are transitioning into the abundant energies of summer.

Mutable signs are adaptable, embrace change and crave versatility in their every day routine.