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lunar being ◑ //how my relationship to my cycle grew over time

it's been known to say that women who tend to bleed more are deeply connected to the moon.

in my personal experience, that happened to be true. i've always felt a deep connection to the moon. i would look up in admiration, especially when it was fully illuminated shining so brightly in the night sky.

my cycle has always been regular in average of about 28/29 days. even after giving birth, twice, i've had my cycle return after 6-8 weeks postpartum, even though i was breastfeeding full-time. most women don't receive their period until they stop breastfeeding.

as any relationship, it takes time to develop a strong connection and appreciation. i've been through my own personal up's and down's with my cyclical nature.

i remember as a young teenager feeling somehow different when i was bleeding and having society tell me that that was nonsense. "there's no reason to feel any different to when you're not bleeding", i was told. but why did i feel different, i always asked myself. i started to develop shame around me feeling at times slightly off or more introverted. there's obviously something wrong me, i figured. as all the other girls seems to be just fine no matter where they were in their cycle.

as a young woman, when i became sexually active, my parents rushed me off to the gynecologist and put me at the pill as soon as i had my first boyfriend.

looking back i realize how in tune i was with my body, because i felt how the pill changed me. i had nausea and intuitively felt, this is not for me. i went off it two months in.

similar story with tampons - never was for me. i tried it because all the other girls seem to use it. but just didn't like the feeling of somehow clogging up my bleeding. it needs to flow, i always thought, even back then as a teenager, who never received any spiritual guidance in regards to my cyclical nature.

after a few failed attempts of using hormonal contraception, always coming back to the conclusion of this isn't for me. i needed to learn how to tell when i was fertile or not. i started to learn the signs of my body. fascinated by how perfect our bodies are built.

it wasn't until years later, i was drawn to a book about fertility and cyclical living literally months before becoming pregnant. funny how the universe gives us signs in advance. as if mentally preparing us for what's to come.

after watching in awe how my body made such a transformation and transition from 2 beings to 1, awoke me to the apparent gift I have as a Woman. the one of pure creation.

i started to honor my body, by putting in the "right" foods and nourishing it with self-care, which in return gave me a replenishing sense of self-worth. it felt like i was finally giving myself what i needed all along, but didn't know how, until i was basically forced to wind down by the pregnancy.

of course, it was initially inspired by wanting the best for my baby by making more conscious decisions in my health and well-being. but it soon made me realize how important it is to take care of myself first in order to give to others from a place of true abundance.

after giving birth the second time, and having my period return again so swiftly after giving birth, i started felt drawn to learn more about my cycle than ever before. one teacher after another was brought before me who taught me about the women archetypes and seasons of our menstrual cycle.

shortly after the connections to the lunar cycle became more apparent to me. leading me back to my love for the moon, stars and astrology.

women, even without creating a human being, are highly creative beings, which can be accessed through our menstrual cycle.

i would love to show you how, through my online course, lunar being. stay tuned for more, very soon.

have a lovely day.


inés kelly ☾


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