lunar eclipse in taurus

This isn’t your regular Full Moon. Put your manifestation list away, and let the Lunar Eclipse work its magic! In today’s article, learn more about the difference between a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse and what ritual is recommended for a night like this.

Midst in turbulent Scorpio season, and now the added Eclipse season - safe to say we have entered a season of full-on transformation. On Friday, the 19th of November 2021 we will experience a Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in the sign of Taurus opposite of the sun in Scorpio.

full moon in taurus

Full Moon

Normally, the Full Moon is a time to release limiting beliefs. We look back to our New Moon intentions , also the beginning of a new lunar cycle in retrospection. What worked well? Where did we maybe self-sabotage or not act as our highest self? Where did you not take the action steps required to make our New Moon intentions a reality?

The Full Moon brings to the light exactly what we need to see, especially what we are ready to see. During this time, we become clear on patterns and clear them from our physical body and home. Known as the peak of a lunar cycle, it marks the middle of the lunar cycle of 29.5 days.

Time to course correct - in which direction do we now choose to head from now? Do we choose healing or do we choose to repeat the same patterns for them to resurface next Full Moon again?

Eclipse season

On a Lunar Eclipse, we see the shadow of the Earth on the Moon. It is not a time to create ritual or manifest. However, to be so present with what is true for us in this moment. Eclipses bring on radical change and transformation. Something that would have taken months for it to clear and heal is brought drastically to the surface to be witnessed, recognized and thus integrated into our being moving forward. Depending where you have the North or South Lunar Node in your astrological chart can serve as further indicators to what energies you are being invited to work with.

The Eclipse season is marked by the lunar nodes being no further away than 17° from the sun. The Lunar nodes are energetic vortices that show where we are heading karmically as an individual in this lifetime and as a society. It is attached with lessons we undergo. About twice a year we enter a season of 2-3 eclipses.

So, put your manifestation list away, and let’s come back into our body through grounding practices. With the intensity of Scorpio season, and the radically transformative energies of the Eclipse season, I invite you to come back into your body this Full Moon in Taurus.

The sign of Taurus

The sign of Taurus is the polar opposite of Scorpio. Where Scorpio aims for spiritual achievement, Taurus aims for the material. Taurus being an Earth sign invites us to experience life through pleasure. Reconnect with your vessel which represents the Earth element this Full Moon and release any tension that has been built up so far this season through embodiment.

Shamanic Moon Ritual

My ritual for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is the one of embodiment or how I like to call it: medicine movement.

Movement is medicine for not only our body but our Soul. It brings us back into the moment. It helps us release stress and tension from the body. It helps us drop from our mind into our body to the present moment and a non-linear space without time.

Dancing brings so much joy and pleasure to life, something that has been done in ceremonies for centuries to reach ecstatic states of mind. Let us come back into our body and journey through the 4 elements of Water for intuition, Fire for passion, Air for connectedness and Earth for groundedness. Use my playlist to journey through each element. You can of course use your own playlist.

Here are some guidelines when you move:
  1. Start off by giving your body a good shake from head to toe for at least 1-3 minutes.

  2. Breathe deeply in and out while you move.

  3. Make noises on exhalations when you feel called to release something out of your body and system.

  4. Move intuitively in a way your body feels called to move. Dance like nobody's watching!

  5. After your movement practice, lay down for at least 5 minutes to integrate whatever came up for you.

  6. Journal out any visions, emotions, or thoughts that came up for you during the practice.

Come back into your body thi