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my initiation into menarche

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

It was summer.

I was wearing shorts and my skin was tan from the long days playing in the pool.

I was sleeping over a friend’s house, when in the evening I started to get these terrible cramps.

I barely slept all night, which now after giving birth (twice) really makes me see the similarities. Of course obviously two different experiences in many ways.

But in some way I was being birthed into a new Woman and the pain was the initiation. I barely slept, I stayed half awake with my hands over my womb (intuitively knowing that I needed warmth there).

I must have eaten something bad today, I pondered.

Yet these cramps were like nothing I had ever experienced before.

The next morning I woke up to find my panties full of blood.

I was shocked.

She was here.

I was reborn.

I was initiated into my menarche at 13 years old.

When I returned home, my mother awaited me with her own initiation.

She sat me down in the living room. I remember it like it was yesterday.

She looked serious, and spoke firmly yet gently about the sudden arrival of my first period.

I sat there with no words still not able to process what was going on with me internally and physically. It felt all so sudden. I was just a kid yesterday. Now I am a woman?

One thing she said that I will never forget that stayed with me till today.

"Inés, your body is a temple. And like a temple you should honor it, always."

She told me what sex is and ok - I must admit that was awkard because I wasn’t even thinking about that at all. But I know my mother made a major leap to what she probably received as an initiation in her time. My mother and her Aries energy is always blazing new trails.

I look back at that memory fondly.

As I write these words I weep. Some part of me misses that young girl who entered her menarche so innocently, unknowingly, and I will always hold her close to my heart.

How purifying it is to share with you my story.

Not everyone of us received a proper initiation into their menarche. Something our modern day society is serverly lacking.

Transitions are sacred, bumpy, messy, scary, exciting - and should be honored for the rite of passage they are.

Through - understanding the moon and menstrual phases, honoring the current menstrual phase you are in, and the current moon phase hovering over us, sitting in ceremony with each other, non-linear movement, and shamanic inner journeying to connect and heal further - will give you a chance to re-initiate yourself into your menarche and step into your full expression and power as a Moon Woman.

It is one thing to mentally know and understand the various moon/menstrual phases and another to live, breathe and feel it. Making it an unique expression into your individiuality as a Woman.

We are the daughters of the Moon,

Children of the Sun.

I have decided to offer this online course for 77 CHF for a short time only! Payment plan provided.

I know not too long ago even 77 CHF seemed like a stretch for me to invest in myself. However, every time I did, it was usually the medicine my heart-body-mind was craving.

If you have ever experienced one of my Moon Caves, Inner Seasons Workshop or Learn to Love Your Cycle workshops in the past, this is an extension of all of that.

All my love and passion for symbolism, the cycles (menstrual, moon, seasonal), Mama Luna, and shamanism being intertwined weaved into one. A passion project of mine I have been working and dreaming of since at least a year.

Now is the time - here is my calling and I soul look forward to greeting you into our online temple when the New Moon in Taurus comes around the corner.

Do you hear the calling?

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