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What to do on the Summer Solstice

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year associated with expansion and creation. It is when the sun spends the most hours above the horizon. A day to spend outdoors under the sun and enjoying the harvest of the season.

sisterhood summer

In general, summer is the season we feel the need to bring ideas to life that were birthed in spring. Now we might feel more called to socialize and merge our projects and ideas with others. A time to integrate the ideas that have been planted, nourished, grown, and indulge fully in the creativity summer has to offer. Summer is here to live moments of celebration for the abundance in life.

Summer Solstice Activities

☼ spend the day soaking up the sun

☼ share this day with your tribe, soul sisters, family members and lovers

☼ eat sweets such as baked goods

☼ give an offering to Earth

☼ go into a natural body of water

☼ dance around a bonfire

☼ have sunflowers on your altar

☼ ritual to heal the mother/healer wound

☼ set an intention for the upcoming 6 months

☼ make a gratitude list for all the lessons and manifestations of the past 6 months

Feminine Archetype of the Healer and Mother

In summer we transition from the Maiden to the Mother archetype. Spring is governed by the energies of play and curiosity, where our intuition leads us to places and activities our Soul craved to experience. Now from the curiosity and experiences are now beginning to take form, mold and creativity is now ripe in creation.

From the devotion to oneself, we are becoming devoted to others, the tribe. We ask ourselves how we can bring this creation forth and share this with others.

The Mother archetype is also known as the Healer. She is devoted to her tribe and is a natural expression of unconditional love. She is the Mother and the Healer in one. You can relate and connect with this archetypal energy even if you are not a mother. If you do any kind of healing work, hold space, in many ways you are stepping into this energy that is nourishing for others to be around. Others feel held and safe in your presence.

The equivalent moon phase is the Full Moon that represents the abundance of life. Similar to a Mother who is growing life within her.

All connected to the season of summer and the energy of unconditional love and giving from a place of abundance. She is deeply embedded in her yang energy of giving, yet knows when it is time for herself to receive.

the Wounded Mother archetype

The low expression of the Mother archetype is that she overgives, when she is depleted and in need of rest and support. She makes others become codependent to her out of fear of abandonment.

The wounded Mother guilt-trips others into being the way she perceives to be best. Instead of giving people space to be who they are and step into their power of independency. There is a time in every mother’s journey that they need to let go, and let go a step further and further. To begin the entanglement of the deep bond that was formed in early years, yet eventually comes a time that they spreading their wings to fly on their own. Once accepted that this is a part of maturation, the relationship can equally mature naturally to meet the person where they are at. Instead of trying to remain in control out of fear.

The Summer Solstice is a powerful pocket of energy when you can work through your mother/healer wounds.

Reflection questions

☼ What am I grateful in my life for?

☼ What blessings have come into my life these past 6 months?

☼ Where do I desire to devote my energy towards these final 6 months of the year?

Summer Solstice Intention Setting Ritual

Marking now 6 months in the year, we take a moment to look back, give thanks for what came through, both lessons and manifestations and become intentional of where we desire to dedicate our energy towards for the upcoming 6 months.

1. Write your intentions for the upcoming 6 months down on a piece of paper.

2. Add 3 actionable steps of how you will support your intentions to become a reality.

3. Make a gratitude list of your biggest lesson and manifestation from these past 6 months and what you are thankful about.

4. Keep your gratitude and intentions list at your altar.

Healing the Mother/Healer Wound Ritual

Create a ritual on this day of the Last Quarter Moon in Aries, a fire sign. With this active energy, we will take charge and transmute the energy that is now ready to be healed.

1. Make a bonfire. We will use the fire element of transformation.

2. Write a letter to your inner Mother or your Mother that you will however burn in the bonfire intentionally. Write down how you feel presently and what made you feel the way you do. Add your healing intention with this letter.

3. Burn it in the bonfire and hand it over completely to the Universe.

4. Watch the letter burn. Observe whether it burns quickly or not. Notice in which directions the flames go. All indicators of how this will manifest in your life.

Burning Ritual

Letter burns fast: Energy is light and will be healed soon.

Letter burns slow: Energy is heavy and it might take a bit more inner work to heal.

Smoke goes to the sideways: It will take some time to heal.

Smoke goes upwards: The time is now.

Summer Solstice Ceremony

On the Summer Solstice our community gathers to honor this transition of the seasons. A nourishing ceremony for you to practice these rituals live with a group of earth-based spiritual, witchy women. No previous knowledge needed. Only an open heart and mind. Join us.

Thank you for reading, being here, existing. It is a beautiful to have people like you read my words. May they serve you well.

Many Solstice blessings,

Inés Kelly


About the writer

Inés Kelly, astrologer and Human Design reader has been musing about the moon since 2018. Sitting in circle with women since 2019.

Lover of all things cycles: moon, menstrual, seasons, astrology, ritual.

Anything cyclical that allows ourselves to flow at our own pace and time is medicine to me.

This is why she created an online space for women to gather, dance, flow, be with the moon, one another and themselves.

Dress: ByAdushka

Photo credit: Elisa Hutter

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