What to do this Summer Solstice 2022

Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year associated with expansion and creation. It is when the sun spends the most hours above the horizon. A day to spend outdoors under the sun and enjoying the harvest of the season.

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In general, summer is the season we feel the need to bring ideas to life that were birthed in spring. Now we might feel more called to socialize and merge our projects and ideas with others. A time to integrate the ideas that have been planted, nourished, grown, and indulge fully in the creativity summer has to offer. Summer is here to live moments of celebration for the abundance in life.

Marking now 6 months in the year, we take a moment to look back, give thanks for what came through, both lessons and manifestations and become intentional of where we desire to dedicate our energy towards for the upcoming 6 months.

Summer Solstice Activities

☼ spend the day soaking up the sun

☼ share this day with your tribe, soul sisters, family members and lovers

☼ eat sweets such as baked goods

☼ give an offering to Earth

☼ go into a natural body of water

☼ dance around a bonfire