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the menstruating woman

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The menstruating woman is deeply connected to her body.

She feels her flow pulling her down,

As if her body is signaling that it is not a time to move,

But to be so utterly present with what is going on.

Her attention is finally turned to herself, completely.

She feels that sweet stillness that enters her body at the sign of her moon blood.

As she enters her moon cave,

She nourishes her mind-body-soul.

She intuitively feels what her body craves.

As her flow precedes,

She allows herself to flow with it.

Flowing from moment to moment.

Everything else can wait.

This is the vision I hold for you Moon Women and Sisters.

That vision that we can say out loud I am on my moon time. I am bleeding. And I need the day off.

Having a painful menstrual flow with cramps, or even PMS, that all stems from us being so utterly disconnected from our bodies.

Our bodies will tell us what it needs, however when we have been programmed to give the outside voices of society, conditioning, media, etc, the power over what is best for us. Then we will never be able to tune inwards.

Each body is unique.

Each body craves different nutrition, movement, spiritual practices, rituals, social interactions.

There is no size fit all.

I desire for you to be so in touch with your body - that you will feel what feels right for you in this moment and what does not. And to follow that notion, that wave, let it ride out, until it again changes. As it will change, again, and again, from moment to moment.

One cycle you will feel the deep desire to hibernate in your inner New Moon phase.

The next cycle you might even find yourself in a social gathering with your Moon Sisters and create a Red Tent for yourselves and it feels just as aligned as with where you were the month before.

That is the beauty of the feminine, of the menstrual cycle - she is a mystery. She is never the same, never tamed - and wild she should remain.

Trust is the secret antidote to living in tune with your cycle.

Yet how can we trust when we don’t listen to our bodies in the first place?

When we have been conditioned to give our power, to believe that our menstruation is a curse and our premenstrual symptoms irreversible.

That claiming time for ourselves is selfish.

That our menstrual blood is dirty.

That our menstrual cycle only makes us crazy.

Old paradigm - it’s time to wake up from these past illusions.

Break them for good - and create for a new reality.

Where little girls will step into a future that their first period is celebrated within their closest friends, sisters and mothers.

Where girls will be taught their cyclical being is a gift, it opens their intuition and it makes them powerful beyond words.

Where we don’t have to wait to reach our mid 20’s or early 30’s to learn about the sacredness of our menstrual cycle. But that is the first we are taught.

That we are taught to channel our gifts through connecting to our menstruation.

Where women tune into their cycle, month after month, getting to know themselves, and their cycles, their energies so much better that once they become a mother, they know who they are and what they need.

Seeing our menstrual phase to channel, connect, muse, be.

Opening our invisible eyes and senses (in other words our intuition) while we go deep within and receive visions for the upcoming cycles.

This is the power of the menstrual phase.

The most mystical of all our phases,

Unfortunately still so misunderstood,

Undervalued, and unrecognized for its power.

So ready to debunk all of these old paradigms and shift to the new -

One that lives in alignment with both the masculine and feminine energies, the yin and the yang of each phase we through in one cycle. To no only become aware of your cycle when “pms” or “menstrual cramps” kick in, but to live in tune with the uniqueness of each phase.

Reclaim your feminine power, find an equilibrium between both the masculine and feminine energies - holding space for yourself (masculine) while being able to flow with the current energies (feminine).

A 4-week journey into your sacredness - an 100% online course for you to work through in your own time and pace.

What awaits you - a sacred online space to unravel conditionings received about your menstrual cycle, rewrite the narrative of what a bleeding woman is, and the opportunity to tune into your menstrual cycle along with the moon phases like never before. How? Through moon/menstrual wisdom teachings, shamanic inner journeys, non-linear movement, and a safe space to ask, be, listen, absorb, shift, transform.

Deep medicine awaits those who are ready to step up and be part of this new paradigm of Women who love every phase of their cycle.

No prior knowledge of the moon or menstrual cycle needed.

This is an introduction, for many a re-initiation into your sacredness.

Hope to see you within our online temple doors ♡


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