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full moon in cancer

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Our first Full Moon of 2022 - let’s look into the stars, the Sun and Moon to understand what might be coming up for you this powerful Full Moon.

Polarity in astrology

In astrology the principle of polarity is very much alive. To every astrological sign there is an opposite. The other side of the pole may look oftentimes different on the outside, but on the inside in their core share similarities. This what the Full Moon is about: the opposites of two poles meeting on different ends of exactly 180 degrees away from each other. The question is here - how to elevate from the low vibrations that Full Moon tends to pull out to the light and move towards the high expression these two opposite ends represent?

Every sign embodies two main frequencies, as do most things, the low and the high expression. The same applies with every astrological sign, and moon phase, especially on a Full Moon that is the most critical and difficult for most, but has hidden gems as lessons for our elevation.

The high and low vibration

Let’s look at the low and high of each sign this Full Moon and these are expressed. In astrology, we have 12 signs, each has one opposite, the other side of the spectrum. On the New Moon, the moon shifts to the sign of the current sun season. On the Full Moon, approximately 2 weeks later, we have the moon shift in the opposite sign of the current sun season. Have I lost you? That’s ok - following the moon every New Moon and Full Moon, you will eventually get the hang of it.

We are currently in the sun season of Earth sign, Capricorn ruled by Saturn. It’s polar opposite is the water sign of Cancer, which is why we have the Full Moon in Cancer during Capricorn season.

Capricorn, the hard-worker

The sun season of Capricorn kicks off the New Year with an earthy and grounded energy. Capricorn knows endurance and perseverance like no other. This sign understands that good things take time and does not shy away from hard work. Covered with ambition and high goals, it craves for success, recognition and purpose. The low expression of Capricorn is superficiality and craving for success for the “wrong” reasons such as overcompensating for low self-worth. What is your purpose behind the actions you take? From Sagittatiurs, the previous sun season we were in, we received a dose of the big why in life. Why do we aim high and strive for more? We aim for purpose in the things we do. Capricorn then takes it a step further and allows the purpose to sink in deeper and we receive clarity.

Cancer, the nurturer

The polar opposite of Capricorn is a deeply felt water sign. Vulnerable on the inside, hard on the outside, represented by the crab it sometimes hides away it's true emotions. It craves comfort and security more than anything. Being the sensitive and intuitive sign it is, it sometimes tries to numb itself from feeling through distractions. This is a low vibration of said sign. It is about owning its emotions, finding a healthy outlet, being honest about what they feel inside without fearing to hurt others. Ruled by the moon, it’s mood can shift, ebb and flow just like the moon. It is about tuning in where they are currently at and what they feel in this moment, knowing this feeling and emotion will be in motion just like the word emotion says itself. This will move, shift and transform. Be present, don’t numb yourself and let the emotional waves wash over you.

Full Moon in Cancer

Together they can create a safe space for emotions to be felt, to then receive clarity afterwards. It is about being honest about your true motivations and being present with your emotions.

Allow yourself to receive deep insight this Full Moon in Cancer, feel your emotions, be present with whatever comes up for you during this emotional time of the Full Moon. Know that after the waves, clarity will seep through, thanks to allowing your to be fully expressed. Know whatever comes to the surface is now ready to be seen and healed.

The transformative energy of the Full Moon will guide your path, as it lights not only our night sky but also our path in life. Let this path be revealed. What were your New Moon intentions this past New Moon or New Year? Now let whatever is maybe blocking you from aligning yourself with these intentions be seen.

Shamanic Moon Ritual

Take a moment to journal out what you are currently feeling this Full Moon. What lessons came up for you leading up to the Full Moon? Whatever did, witness your emotions, how it made you feel. What realizations came from those lessons?

Explore your emotions, and then move on to our ritual. Take a glass of water, hold it in front of your heart with both hands. Speak your intention, what you are ready to release this Full Moon into the glass. Know that the water in this glass is being absorbed by everything you feel, think, breathe. Let this be infused with what you are ready to release on this powerful Full Moon.

Then pour out the water either in nature, to a plant in your home, or down the drain. Let it be received, let it be released. Trust that this is a process. It will take further intentionality to keep on path.


I am wishing you a powerfully transformative first Full Moon of the year. May it be the first of many transformations this year of magic!

I am hosting a free Full Moon Circle this Monday, 17th of January at 20:00 CET. Join us to experience our online tribe, La Luna Circle firsthand.

Shamanic healer - moon ceremonialist

Lover of all things cycles: moon, menstrual, astrology, ritual.

Anything cyclical that allows ourselves to flow at our own pace and time is medicine to me.

This is why I created an online space for women to gather, dance, flow, be with the moon, one another and ourselves.

LA LUNA CIRCLE is your online membership, your spiritual gym so to say, that gives you a space to unravel your inner most being and connect with your feminine essence, balanced with your masculine energies, in a way that feels natural to you.


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