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full moon in pisces

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Ushering us into the transitional season of autumn is the sign of Virgo. Known for her organizational skills, analytical mind, and deeply healing abilities. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and co-ruled by the asteroid, Chiron, the wounded healer. Then in comes the Full Moon in Pisces, the polar opposite of the symbol of the virgin and maiden. From this dutiful need to be in service to others, comes in the spiritual and psychic energies of Pisces.

On Monday, 20 September 2021, we will experience a Full Moon in Pisces. As we continue to move through the final days of the sun season, Virgo, we can hone in this energy to implement structure where it is needed. Every flowy feminine needs a strong masculine structure to be held in. The balancing act of the two polarities is what the Full Moon represents. The need to flow with what is and the need to create a plan, a strong intention to where the flow desires to go.

This is probably what I most love about astrology - that it shows that polarity exists in everything. Two sides to every coin. That with every energy, it can be used for its highest potential, yet again for its lowest. This Full Moon, you are being called to become clear: How are you using your energy? Does it feel free to flow or does it feel constricted, blocked, frustrated? If so, why?

Are you nitpicking at details and getting distracted from the bigger picture? Are you procrastinating to take action out of fear of your desires never being truly reachable? How can you create better structures for yourself in order to allow your creative flow and desires to unfold naturally?

This combination of Pisces and Virgo channels through us a deeper sense of trust, if we allow it.

low and high vibrations of Pisces and Virgo

With every high, there is a low and with Pisces we see the world through a dreamy lense. We feel compassion for the world around us. Unity is not a foreign concept, but a very well known way of moving through the world.

Although the sense of unity can be a positive thing. If we over identify with the whole, we can also lose our personal identity and direction. We can feel the need to numb our pain through escaping reality to not carry the burden of everything we feel.

As for Virgo, her nervousness can cause motivation to receive clarity of mind through her decluttering processes of deciphering between what is necessary and not. Discernment is one of her strengths. Setting priorities, making a plan, and following through is what gives her grounding. Yet on the flipside, it can also overwhelm her when a bit more flow is required for a plan that has received a reroute. Her excess need for details can make her picky and even intolerant at times.

the full moon energetics

The Full Moon invites us to take a closer look at how we are personally embodying the low and high vibrations of each astrological sign. Where can we be more discerning with our time and energy? And where can we connect ourselves to something higher than ourselves and surrender to the trust in life?

All of the above questions, I invite you to explore in your journaling practice on the Full Moon. Become aware of what you are ready to release and fully integrate, because the Full Moon is not only here to usher out what we no longer desire. However, it invites us to integrate the unloved and undesirable and acknowledge the lesson that it holds. It shows us where we can become more ourselves or unbecome the versions of ourselves we took on due to the environment around us.

This is the beauty of the combination of both celestial beings, the sun and the moon, while they stand still for a moment in polar-opposite signs. It cracks our consciousness open for breakthroughs to happen. More on the Full Moon energetics in this article - how to stay grounded on the Full Moon.

shamanic moon ritual

Ruled by Neptune, planet of mystery and illusion, it delivers that extra bit of mysticism to the sign of Pisces. Making it into the intuitive and illusive sign it is. Meaning any meditation practices, inner journeys, mystical rituals or divination are all things you can do on a Pisces Moon to hone in the current energies.

Take special note of your dream world. Perhaps you will find yourself dreaming more than usual. Dreams are glimpses into our inner worlds and processes. Learn how to interpret dreams in my blog article here.

Create a ceremonial Moon bath with crystals, flower petals, sea salts and minerals, and lavish yourself into the water energies of this element on the Full Moon. While you relax in the bathtub, you can play a recorded meditation or journey that requires you to only follow along. Transport yourself into another galaxy while you allow the water element to wash away what you are ready to fully release this Full Moon.

our online tribe of lunar moon

every New Moon and Full Moon, our online community, La Luna Circle gathers to become clear on what we desire to manifest and release what is no longer in alignment.

inner healing work is even more powerful when done in a group setting. this energy is co-created, amplified, and has a beautiful ripple effect in each of our lives.

this Full Moon in Pisces, we will gather online to sit in ceremony, learn about the current lunar energies, and release what we are ready to let go of.

and until this Full Moon in Pisces, on Monday, the 20th of September, as a new member either monthly or yearly, you will receive access to both of my online courses on the moon and menstrual wisdom.

looking forward to journey with you soon.


Shamanic healer - moon ceremonialist

Lover of all things cycles: moon, menstrual, astrology, ritual.

Anything cyclical that allows ourselves to flow at our own pace and time is medicine to me.

This is why I created an online space for women to gather, dance, flow, be with the moon, one another and ourselves.

LA LUNA CIRCLE is your online membership, your spiritual gym so to say, that gives you a space to unravel your inner most being and connect with your feminine essence, balanced with your masculine energies, in a way that feels natural to you.


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