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New Moon in Aquarius

A new sun season begins along with a new lunar cycle and Mercury, Mars and Uranus stations direct. The ingredients for a major reset. Now it finally feels like a New Year!

new moon aquarius

Aquarius Season

Many might think Aquarius is a water sign due to its name. But that is one of the many things that can be confusing about this sign, in a good way. Aquarius knows how to stand out in the crowd. They are the innovators, the genius freaks, the changemakers. Ruled by Uranus in modern astrology, this planet gives the erratic yet eccentric energy that Aquarius inherently carries.

Known as the waterbearer, it pours the water of knowledge into the wells of the village. Thus passing on this wisdom from village to village. Continuously analyzing and intellectualizing concepts that it hears along the way and passing this information to further people. This is a sign that is deeply concerned and moved to impact the masses.

With its profound concern for how the collective is doing and what needs to change. It takes the time to study and understand the systems in place in order to dismantle and disrupt them. The rebel at play. With this disruption comes room for change and innovation. How to create change for the masses in a more sustainable way it asks. Therefore having its focus often directed to the future.

During Aquarius season, ask yourself: What impact do you desire to have? Where can you bring more innovative thinking into your life and how you serve others?

New Moon

The New Moon is a time when the Sun and the Moon meet. In astrology, this is known as a conjunction, when two energetic entities come in alignment. With both astrological signs under the moon’s influence, this creates a harmonious constellation.

In ancient cultures, the Sun was often seen as masculine energy, whereas the feminine was lived through the Moon. Having both aspects of the masculine and the feminine combined as one for the night of the New Moon is what allows us to go deeper within ourselves. The need for rest, reflection, and introspection is deeper than usual. Our subconscious meets our conscious mind. The unknown, the unseen, which is symbolized by the moon, is seen, shed light on by the Sun.

The New Moon marks the beginning of a lunar cycle, known as day one of the 29 days the moon ebbs and flows throughout her various phases. And with day comes the expectations of what we desire to see manifest in the days, phases, weeks ahead. With this void in the night sky, the Universe is more receptive than usual to receive the seeds of intentions that we desire to see be planted, sprout, grow and flourish.

New Moon in Aquarius

This New Moon, the Sun in Aquarius meets the Moon in Aquarius. Seeing that Mercury and Mars are no longer in retrograde, it feels like a fresh start. Our engines will be ignited again. Communication will flow once again. Mercury makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus, giving us the energy to be more solution oriented.

With this New Moon, we are being invited to now put the pieces of our vision for the future ahead of us. Giving it more form and depth. What is our vision? What mission is driving our overall vision for the future?

We have another important part of this New Moon in Aquarius. Pluto is conjuncted being only several degrees away. With this conjunction, we are being invited to reflect on our personal power. Aspects within ourselves are being brought to the light, as Pluto represents our deepest traumas and secrets. What is being called forth to the light in order to be healed this New Moon?

Lilith is opposing the Sun, Moon and Pluto creating tension. She does not desire us to learn the lesson of our self-empowerment through Pluto. Therefore might cause the opposite to happen. That we move away from our personal power and more into our comfort zone. Our deepest desires might feel in conflict with this energy of renewal of this particular New Moon constellation. We might feel like there is too much to heal and integrate before we can attain our vision.

Know you can start anew every cycle, every day for that matter. This is why setting intentions is not only a way to define our goals but to understand what it is that we truly desire. As with our intentions, we grow, evolve and change.

Release the feeling of shame or lack of self-worthiness that might be attached to our deepest desires. You are here to have an impact, and that begins with owning your sense of power and worth.


Find out how this New Moon is personally influencing you and your birth chart through seeking out Aquarius the sign of in your chart. Where is it placed: under which house? Are there any planets there that might add another flavor to how this Aquarius energy is being expressed through you?

Finally, check the transits to see what planets are moving through your house of Aquarius on your birth chart. This can reveal further indications of what you are currently going through in your life.

I use the app AstroWorx to study charts and transits. is also another reliable source to do so.

Moon Ritual

  1. Smudge your space and yourself.

  2. Take 10 deep breaths in and out.

  3. Write down your highest vision for yourself. What is the driving force behind your vision?

  4. Keep your vision at your altar for this sun season of Aquarius to infuse your space with your intentions.

  5. Revisit your vision for the next Full Moon to see what patterns came up for you that are in need of release.

Reflection questions

✦ What impact do you desire to have on others?

✦ Where can you bring more innovative thinking into your life and how you serve others?

✦ What is your long-term vision?

✦ What mission is driving your overall vision for the future?

✦ What is being called forth to the light in order to be healed this New Moon?

La Luna Circle

Place your New Moon intentions somewhere you can see them everyday throughout this lunar cycle. Know that these words hold vibrations that will elevate the energy in your space.

For deeper journeying into one Self, I invite you to join my New Moon Circle with our online tribe, La Luna Circle.

Moon blessings,

Inés Kelly

About the writer

Inés Kelly grew up in multi-cultural giving her access to various traditions, where her affinity to rituals stem from.

Her mission is to bring the community together to honor the cyclical nature of nature. Thus honoring one's own cycle through life.

She gives readings weaving in Human Design, Gene Keys, and Astrology. Her integral approach offers a holistic approach to self-wisdom.

Learn more about Inés Kelly and her journey:


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