new moon in leo / lion's gate portal 88

Leo season comes in with a roar after the deeply felt and emotional waves of Cancer season. From the internal world of la Luna we shift to the Solar energies. We now move on to bigger and better things. It is your time to shine, to tackle leadership, spark your creative juices, and manifest confidently with your Lioness Queen energy.

Highly creative, eccentric, generous, big-hearted energy is what Leo season has to offer, and it doesn’t stop there. Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun and symbolized by the Lion. It is when summer is at its hottest. When all you want to do is gather with your loved ones day and night and be lazy under the sun. Big tribal cat energy!

Leo season runs through the 22nd of July until the 22nd of August. Known as a fixed sign, it likes to stick to its way. Stubborn and proud perhaps, or maybe it just knows what it wants?

Just like the Sun, Leo often thinks it is the center of the Universe. In many ways it does have this exuberating energy that makes it automatically center of attention no matter where it goes. Their positive Aura, those wavy Lion manes, and that unconditional love for life, themselves and others is just oozing out of their Solar Plexus. Like calling for attention without even striving for it too much. Unless they are embodying the shadows sides of Leo.

Like every authentic leader, Leo knows how to lead by example. It is a good time to reflect on your leadership qualities, and how you are being called to lead your tribe? Either it being your immediate family, children, community or clients. The desire to lead from your heart is ignited during this time. Maybe why we are intrinsically pushed and motivated to create during Leo season.

When you think about it, fire as an element represents transmutation. The ability to transmute or transform energy, to mold things together, create alchemy or cook foods. This was a turning point for humanity when they were able to alchemize food through fire and no longer eat their food raw. Around the bonfire, people were drawn to commune, celebrate, sit, storytell, and more. The centerpiece being fire - an uniting force that drew people together. It gave warmth and a sense of security for many. What alchemy are you ready to create in your life? The molding and coming together of different elements and aspects that are ready to be birthed through you?

new moon in leo

Every New Moon, we find ourselves at the beginning of another lunar cycle. It is an anchor for us to reflect on the weeks behind us and what we desire to plant seeds for in the weeks in front of us. Intentionality is a big theme during the phase when the moon goes dark. Understanding where we have been investing our energies this past lunar cycle. What fruits do we carry from such and how would we like to move forward. In other words, the optimal time to set our deepest heart desires and m manifest like the Lioness Queens we all are! The need for rest or alone time is fully natural during this moon phase. Embrace your inner darkness being revealed to you during the Dark Moon and New Moon phase. Embrace these moments when energy is low and feels almost stagnant. Even during calm waters are things unfolding under the surface.

This New Moon in Leo we will also experience the Lion’s Gate Portal activated by the numerology 08/08. Read below for more on this portal opneing. A powerful New Moon is awaiting us! Keep on reading, because below you will find a manifestation ritual for you to create this New Moon in Leo.

During Leo season, I invite you to bravely acknowledge your inner wounds and insecurities around your persona and abilities through the lense of love and compassion. Our shadows only want to be loved just like anything else. Why not also give them space to be witnessed for what they are? Past trauma that at one point in time made sense. They were a survival mechanism. They kept you safe. They allowed you to share the pain with the adults around you to feel connection with them, even if it was through pain. Recite to yourself: “I witness you fully. I love you fully. I am whole again”.

How often do we turn away from our shadows? The moment we feel that uncomfortable sensation we distract ourselves with our phone, Instagram, other people’s problems, pick a fight with someone, or whatever is currently standing in front of us giving us an easy way to distract ourselves from our own projections.

Where are you being called to step into your most authentic expression of yourself? How can you show vulnerability in a way that empowers yourself and others? Speaking from your heart will empower others to do not only the same, but will allow you to speak your truth and be fully seen in it.

Lion’s Gate Portal

Lion’s Gate Portal is on the 8th of August. 08/08 is a powerful combination in numerology. It is activated by the rising of the bright star, Sirius known as our spiritual sun.

On the New Moon in Leo is when energy will be at its highest, through the alignment of the star, Sirius, Sun and Earth. A powerful portal will open for us to receive any transmissions and upgrades in collective consciousness.

During the period of the 28th of July until the 12th of August, we will experience a powerful energy that will help us usher and clear out low vibrations within our being, in order for us to channel a higher consciousness in being. This will happen on an individual and collective level. What themes have been coming up for you? I have been dreaming up a storm since the rising of Sirius, which is helping me process various outdated beliefs within me to become more of a vessel for humanity. If you are dreaming as much as I have, you will love my blog article on how to inter